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    We offer end-to-end IT solutions including web & mobile applications, designs and consulting.
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Our Services

We have a top notch team to offer end-to-end web & mobile applications

Web Applications

We utilize latest technologies like Ruby on Rails, NodeJS, React and more for powerful web applications.

Mobile Applications

Decrease your Go-To-Market time with ours solutions for faster iOS and Android apps using React native. A faster, cleaner solution for natice apps!


A good design is what drives a product ahead and we have great designers to ensure you get the most out of us.

IT Consulting

We can assist you to to plan an MVP, expand your features or migrate your cloud solutions and adopt technology stack.

We Create Beautiful, Scalable & Robust Applications

Testimonials - praise from our clients

I met first with Sahil Batla over a Zoom call to explain our project scope and needs. Each engineer brings a unique approach to development. They're all efficient and fluent in several methodologies etc. Will definitely refer them to other companies seeking developers and will definitely work with them again on future projects. DEIRDRE NEUFELD - Founder & CEO, CatchVybz

We have been working with Boolean Solutions for more than a year now. Sahil & team helped our startup get off the ground and stuck with us through thick and thin. These engineers are smart, motivated and go above & beyond to get the task done on time! Their extensive knowledge and expertise on a wide range of technologies has been a great asset to us. We feel very lucky to have them and are looking forward to a successful journey together. RAJ GIRIMAJI - CTO, CareOff

About Us

Work with the best minds to bring alive the ideas of the future!

Our Objective

We understand passion and this passion helped us break out of our big corporate jobs to work with ideas that are going to change the future. Our focus is to work with startups and SaaS companies and aid them build the right technology behind that idea. We understand that executing an idea is hard and that's the reason why more than 90% of the startups fail. Some of the key reasons for these failures often results from reasons like bad product expreience, failure to scale the product at the right time, or focus too much on the technology instead of focusing on the market. That's where we wish to offer our services. We want to help startups and SaaS companies rely on us for all their technology needs. We have some of the best minds in the industry who have years of experience to scale and make an application robust. We use the right technology for your use case and help to optimize the development costs so that you can retain your focus on improving the product and understanding the market.

Our Skills

We work with the latest and modern technology stacks and continually add new ones to our arsenal. When you work with us, be sure of getting a future proof solution.

  • Ruby On Rails 100%

  • React & React Native 100%

  • Figma & Sketch 100%

  • AWS, Heroku & Docker 100%

  • Continuous Integration (CI) & Delivery (CD) 100%

  • Machine Learning & Data Science 80%

Why Choose Us?

Our team comprises of some of the best experts from the industry and have handled projects at scale. We understand the basic DNA which needs to be installed from the start of the application architecture and while programming which helps to make application scale early or at a later stage with ease and when desired. Further, we ensure multiple rounds of testing including automated testing to detect error early and resolve them faster before it reaches the end consumer.
Our design team is strong and headed by someone who has years of experience on improving a UX of any product. The head has even helped win some patents in Adobe and has been marked his place in the era of building modern complex products. We also partner with various design teams from time to time for bringing designs that inspire and are relevant for different industries.
We contunually familarize ourselves with the latest standards and best practices prevalent in the industry and continually undergo trainings that helps us to offer upgraded services so our clients do not worry about the quality. We offer solutions that are extensible, have proven quality and ready for compliances.

Our Specialized Solutions


Our team has members who have been part of core spree team and have worked on some of the biggest e-commerce projects like Sebamed, Chipotle, and more. Some of the tools include Spree, Shopify, OpenCart & Magento


We help data-driven companies make meaning applications that offers them key insights. The key for analytics applications are real-time condensed data which can be visualized in a beautiful and easy manner. We have helped companies achieve that.


We have worked on some very complex integrations like Chatbots, Video Streaming, Automated Payments, Live Map Tracking, API Integrations, API designs, and much more.

Meet Our Team

Udit Mittal

Founder & CEO
Ex-Microsoft Account

Having more than 10 years of experience in the industry, Udit worked on web applications for big enterprises like Chipotle, Sebamed, Microsoft and also multiple other startups. He did MBA from ESCP Europe & MDI Gurgaon and has worked on many scalable applications.

Sahil Batla

Principal Consultant

Sahil has 10+ years of experience in the web & app development industry and have worked with both services and product companies in the past. He understands full-stack development and have helped many companies scale their projects.

Ivana Milicic

CEO Designer
Our Design Partner

Ivana has nearly 20 years of experience in the UI designing and have beautiful ideas and concepts who can help you give an intuitive and gorgeous UI/UX for your application. She has worked with many startups and enterprise clients in the past.

Haleigh Wright

Business Development - US
Client Partner, US

Haleigh loves to tackle tough problems. Haleigh's background is in mathematics, computer science, and business. Her interdisciplinary work has made her passionate about communicating with diverse teams, where she believes the best results originate.

Parul Mittal

Data Scientist

Parul is passionate about data science. Her research work involved biological data analysis. She is experienced in analysing big complex data and loves to drive powerful insights. She is an expert in Python and R language and uses Machine learning for demystifing key business problems using big data.


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