ChewCandy - Boutique E-Commerce by Boolean Solutions

ChewCandy is a boutique e-commerce solutions designed to sell candies online. It is powered by a very simplistic Admin panel and currently accepts payments using Cash On Delivery only. Designed as an MVP, it serves as an insightful project on what e-commerce features can be launched on an initial stage while you are planning to validate your idea.


Some of the features used in the e-commerce platform are:

  1. Product Categorization
  2. Simplistic Admin Panel to upload and change products
  3. Cart Management
  4. Guest Users Management
  5. Guided Tour for First Time Users
  6. Discount Coupons
  7. Cash On Delivery
  8. Simplistic Signup without the need to confirm
  9. Order Management
  10. Emails using Sendgrid

You can access the demo application HERE
Contact us below for more info and complete demonstration of the features